Holiday Book Drive!



So what’s the story? The bad news is our nation is in a literacy crisis. 100% of Kindergarteners report wanting to read for fun.  By 4th grade that percentage drops to 54%.  Any by high school that number is at a staggering 19%.  The good news is there are simple things we can do to help.Book ownership matters! A 20-year global study revealed that children who had 500+ books in their home completed an average 3.2 more years of education AND made on average an extra $21,145 more per year. In partnership with the Graves-Hume Public library, it is my hope to promote literacy and inspire a love of reading at a young age in OUR youth.  I do not want to see our children fall to these statistics. 

Please join me and the Graves-Hume Public Library in supporting the families of Mendota, Illinois through the chamber’s event “Mendota Christmas” It is our hope that each child attending this event will go home with a free book! Each $25 donation will provide 2-3 children with a new book, a simple way to give back to these little ones and ensure they have a new book in time for the holidays.
Over the next few months, our goal together is to raise $3,300. Combined with 50% donation matching from Usborne Books & More, we'll be able to provide the city of Mendota with almost $5000 in books for the children. With just 132 donations of $25 we can reach our goal!  I hope you'll have the opportunity to partner with us in making a difference for these amazing children. Thank you so much for considering this fundraiser.


My sincerest thanks,

Jennifer Bast

Independent Usborne Books & More Consultant

The Graves-Hume Public Library

*All donations are tax deductible.


What: A Holiday Book Drive

Why: To spread literacy and benefit the children of Mendota

When: NOW through September 26th at 11:59 pm CST

Who: Children attending the Mendota Chamber’s annual event,“Mendota Christmas”, will go home with a free book

How: Donations can be made at

Details: With your monetary donation, Usborne Books & More and the Graves-Hume Public Library will be able to provide the children with their own book this holiday season.  Our goal together is to raise $3,300! 



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